Chicago Nights

1 – Chicago Nights

All, condensed into one single Chicago night.

2 – Mangled

A large naked room bathed in cold light.
Faces are hung on the walls.
Even when you try to tear them off, they keep staring at you...

3 – Procession

What am I doing?
I thought it was safe here...
Now I don’t feel safe inside of my own mind.

4 – Flicker

“I have to leave.
I’m going to leave,
and I cannot wait for you.”

5 – Das Bauhaus

I like this place.
The smell of danger in the air, the elegance of the bartender, the acrid taste of this drink...
I would like to stay here.

6 – Deal The Seal

Dance. Cry. Shout. Love. Hate.
Lose yourself to the atmosphere.
Don’t be sad.
Don’t ever look back.

7 – The Long Road

The next day, at dawn, he left and drove, without ever stopping, along the long road.