Listen to “Moon Beach”

This track is a cover of the OST for the famous video game “Streets of Rage” by Yuzo Koshiro.

Released on French Synthwave Compilation Vol. 2 which you can get here.

“For Whom The Bell Tolls” Out Now

Listen to my cover of “Love Like Blood”

Listen to “The Collector”

Listen to “Chicago Nights”



“I make music to find out who I really am…”

Chicago... The massive buildings. The lake. The vibrant atmosphere...

Five years after living there, I reminisce and inject my memories of the city into my first electronic tracks. The result is "Chicago Nights", a concept-album packed with memories, feelings and musical ideas.

Each track is associated with an atmosphere, an emotion and a place, and is accompanied by a companion text. The companion text of the first track says it all:

"Thrill. Fear. Madness. Pain. Power. Intoxication. Hope. All, condensed into one single Chicago night."




2-panel digipak with 8-page booklet with the companion texts to the tracks.

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